Goalsetting 2012-2013
Name:Ali Chapnick
Academic Goal: i practice my math facts times tables
Action Plan:I will do 5 problems for 4 days a week monday-thursday.
Updates:I practiced and i got betterat first I had a hard time with it but now I am better at it.
Updates: i know every fact but i still need to learn most of my 12 times tables.
Date: 5/16/13
I pasted my times table and now on my division tables.
Personal Goal:To pack up my backpack myself.
Action plan:Everyday I will put more stuff in my backpack. With out asking anybody for help.
Updates: I pack up my backpack myself and don't ask anybody for help
Updates: i pack up my bag pretty fast know and i do it my self.
Date: 5/16/13
I can do it know i am a lot better at it

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